Crystal Blaise is Secretary of her school Business Professional of America club, Co-captain for the 2018-2019 school year softball team, a member of the Women of tomorrow mentoring group, and a member of Youth behind the Shield mentoring group. She is Haitian-American and is from Miami, Florida. She loves the sport of softball and plans to become a softball coach in the future. She desires to go to a four-year university and pursue a degree in Business and Cybersecurity. One of Crystal’s main goals is to help inform young individuals that there can be more to their lives than becoming the “poor” statistics. To help her goal be met, she has a youtube channel in progress called ‘What we don’t know,’ that will provide video content of different interviews conducted on local great business professionals.

Crystal came from humble beginnings and overcame many hardships such as being homeless, witnessing death, and fighting depression. On October 11, 2016, her grandfather passed away due to a stroke, which later caused the home she lived in to go into foreclosure and became homeless. While being homeless, she worked two jobs to help support her family. Throughout the day, she held her head high to hide the unfortunate struggles she experienced by focusing on her goals at that time.

Crystal plans on committing her life to help young individuals become more aware of themselves and what they want out of life. She wants to help teach them how to use their voice to voice their opinions and views on different issues. She aspires to teach the younger generation about becoming an entrepreneur and not following the traditional route of poor statistics. She hopes to bring more awareness about poverty in America and hope to open the eyes of many individuals who come from a similar background.