On the 17th of January 2002, Jenny Chen was born in North Miami Beach, Florida. To a first-generation Chinese-American family that emphasized the importance of expanding one's perspective into a global worldview, becoming fluent in three languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. At a young age, her love for technology was fostered by having a family computer. Now, she has competed in challenges to program as well as pitch apps to help EMTs save lives and has learned programming languages, such as Java & Python. Her goal is to become an advocate for education in technology and show a path in the tech industry for everyone. Participating in Girls Who Code summer program opened Jenny's eyes to how vast the applications of the field of technology are. A scholarship recipient to the ACLU Summer Advocacy Institute brought her to Washington D.C. for a week to meet with members of Congress, lawyers, and advocates at the forefront of technology policies in America. The most significant aim in Ms. Chen's life is to become the 1st college graduate in her family and becoming an Information Security Specialist.

Being a Miss Business Global Contestant furthers her goal in showing the importance of tech and exposing more women to the tech industry. A stalwart supporter to her cause, Jenny Chen, is an intercontinental contestant with a knack in the business of tech.