Reggie Meredith Lubin was born in the city of Milot which once was called the heart of the Paradise of Haiti. She moved in United States with her family on October 2015. Reggie had the chance to do the last two years of High School in the USA. The whole school conception to which she was introduced was very dissimilar to what she was used to. Needless to say that the adjustment was a tough effort. However, her mind is strong and she was forged by the unbending determination of her ancestors, so nothing could stop her. In fact, she has done nothing else than sparkle her light and smartness. Hence, she revealed herself as part of the French honor society. She brilliantly played soccer for the varsity team at her high school. She challenged herself by taking advanced classes, as she said, “It challenged me to be more fluent in English and get ready for College because there were no Aesop there.”She is a beach lover, and would prefer having her feet in the sand than anywhere else. She is an avid reader, and enjoy spending time with her family and friends. She is very passionate about her Church activities, and when she gets lazy, a good motivation video from Les Brown and TD Jakes.

She started college at Palm beach State College. Reggie decided it was time for her to get up and go after her dreams. From her years of reading, one sentence has smash and resurfaced in her mind abruptly, “In life one can either plays the victim or be the winner. So, she has decided to be the latter instead of the former. Now, she is proudly and brilliantly managing a franchise line of a financial services where she helps people fixing their credit, saving for their future, wisely planning their budget, writing wills, preparing their taxes, and many other services. There are a great deal of other dreams that are still in embryonic stage, and they will be into light soon. For her now, the sky is the limit, and she is ready to reach the stars and settle her successful legacy alongside the moon.