Shellsea Prospere was born on December 05, 2001, in the Capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. Shellsea is the oldest among her two brothers, Shellsea always dreams of being a pediatrician since she was five years old.

Due to the Earthquake that occurred in Haiti on January 12, 2010, Shellsea's education was briefly halted due to the transition of entering the United States and continued at Carrie P. Meek Westview K-8 for Middle school then later transferred to Barbara Goleman Senior High School. She is currently attending Miami Dade College, majoring in ASN, with plans to transfer to the University of Miami to study to be a Pediatrician. To be able to open up her medical practice.

Shellsea's hobbies are dancing, singing, and playing tennis. Her Favorite School subjects are mathematics and science. Her skills are to volunteer at her church as much as she can. She's also a CCD Assistant teacher at Saint James Catholic church. She is currently following her mother's footsteps (who used to be a model for "Princess de l' environnement" in Haiti) by participating in Miss Business Global Pageant. Shellsea is a very smart, caring, and pleasant young lady.